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Beijing University of Technology|北京工业大学
Website: https://www.bjut.edu.cn/

The Beijing University of Technology (Chinese: 北京工业大学), also known as the Beijing Polytechnic University, is a municipal public university in Beijing, China.
Beijing University of Technology was founded in 1960 with five engineering departments. The first group of students was transferred from the Beijing Institute of Technology and Beijing Normal University.
In 1981, the Beijing University of Technology formed the graduate school; in 1985, the school started granting the Doctoral degrees with international standard (the first batch of university in China to award doctoral degrees).
In 1990, Beijing Tech acquired the College of Economics and Management from Beijing Union University, and later, in 1993, the Beijing Computer Institute became part of the university as the College of Computer Science. In 1993, Beijing Tech formed the Experimental College by cooperating with local business, which later became an independent college. Over the decades, the social sciences also grew to play a significant role in the university. The achievements of faculties in facets of Economics, Law and other social sciences further indicate that this university has been changed into a de facto comprehensive university with wide variety of schools and colleges. As of today, its primary achievements are mainly focused on engineering research and education.
Beijing University of Technology is located in southeastern Beijing. The campus covers an area of about 800,000 square metres, with 4,940,000 square meters of floor space.