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2021 4th International Conference on Information Management and Management Science (IMMS 2021)

IMMS 2021 Conference Proceedings



IMMS 2021 ACM Conference Proceedings (ISBN: 978-1-4503-8427-8)
August 27-29 | Chengdu, China (Full Virtual)

Considering the uncertainty of COVID-19 and pervasive international travel restrictions, after counting the number of participants who prefer to attend the conference in the site, IMMS 2021 conference has been coverted to full virtual style on August 27-29, 2021 again.



At the beginning of the conference, Prof. Shuliang Li, Fellow (Life) of the British Computer Society, the University of Westminster, UK, and School of Economics & Management, Southwest Jiaotong University, China delivered the opening remarks to welcome all participants, introduce the conference data, reviewing process, conference program, etc. During the conference period, Keynote Speakers: Prof. Philippa Ward, from the University of Gloucestershire, UK, Prof. Daniel O'Leary, University of Southern California, USA, and Prof. Shuliang Li delivered the speeches, respectively, to share their latest researches related to: The Contemporary Customer Journey - Creating Experiences over an Array of Technologies, Channels, and Devices; Web Analytics: Web Sites, Strategies, Models, Frameworks, Software Tools & Decision Support, etc.

Afterwards, there were arranged 7 parallel sessions for authors' oral presentation and discussion. These topics were related to: Economic Development and Management, Operations Research and Supply Chain Management, Enterprise and Service Innovation, Business Informatization and E-Commerce, Enterprise Economy and Applied Econometrics, Information Technology Application and Educational Management, and Industrial Development and Management. After evaluation of session chairs, finally 7 best presenters were selected and annouced in the award announcement at the end of the conference. Meanwhile, this year, in order to encourage student authors, IMMS 2021 added best student paper award. Referring to the reviewing comments from TPC member and some suggestions from conference committees, IMMS 2021 finally selected 1 Best Student Paper Award. The winners info. is as follows. Congratulations to these winners!


Prof. Shuliang Li, University of Westminster, UK & School of Economics & Management, Southwest Jiaotong University, China

Prof. Daniel O'Leary
University of Southern California, USA

Prof. Philippa Ward
the University of Gloucestershire, UK


Best Presentation Awards
Presenter: Dan Wang, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), China
Speech Title: Sharing Economy in Line with the Sustainability Framework: A Systematic Review of Positive and Negative Impacts

Presenter: Ngo Tung Son, FPT University, Vietnam
Speech Title: Introduction to A Compromise Programming Based Method for Complex Scheduling and Planning Problems

Presenter: Liu Xiang, Sichuan University, China

Speech Title: Technical Chairman, Financial Excess and R&D Intensity

Presenter: Ziyue Yu, Donghua University, China
Speech Title: From Generic to Specific: A Semantic Network of Search Keywords

Presenter: Meier Zhuang, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China
Speech Title: The Influencing Mechanism of Information Management Ability on Firm Total Factor Productivity

Presenter: Limeng Yu, NTHU
Speech Title: How do ICT Incumbent Firms Embed IoT to 5G: The Huawei Case

Presenter: Wang Ying, Sichuan University, China
Speech Title: Research on the Ecological Niche Evaluation of High-tech Industry in China: Empirical Research Based on Provincial Panel Data of China

Best Student Paper Award

Paper Title: Construction Company Competitiveness Research on Informationization Policies

Authored by: Zhang Xinli, He Wentao and Gao Tian